Drillcore Transformations

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  • Transforms measurements from drillcores.

  • Supports alpha, beta and gamma measurements.

  • Supports .csv and .xlsx files.

  • Supports adding the column names of your data files to a custom-built config.ini file for each user.

  • TODO: Convention support

  • Currently supported convention explanation found in Documentation and Help

  • Documentation and Help: https://drillcore-transformations.readthedocs.io.

Running tests

To run pytest in currently installed environment:

poetry run pytest

To run full extensive test suite:

poetry run invoke test

Formatting and linting

Formatting and linting is done with a single command. First formats, then lints.

poetry run invoke format-and-lint

Building docs

Docs can be built locally to test that ReadTheDocs can also build them:

poetry run invoke docs

Invoke usage

To list all available commands from tasks.py:

poetry run invoke --list


Development dependencies include:

  • invoke

  • nox

  • copier

  • pytest

  • coverage

  • sphinx

Big thanks to all maintainers of the above packages!



Copyright © 2020, Nikolas Ovaskainen.


Module documentation for developers

References and Credits

Big thanks to PhD Jussi Mattila for his Brittle Structures course at the University of Turku, code snippets and tips for the development of this module and for handing over sample materials for testing.