drillcore_transformations.visualizations module

Module for visualizing results.

drillcore_transformations.visualizations.visualize_plane(plane_normal, ax, **kwargs)

Visualize a plane with 3d plot.

drillcore_transformations.visualizations.visualize_results(plane_normal, plane_vector, drillcore_vector, drillcore_trend, drillcore_plunge, alpha, beta, gamma_vector=None, gamma=None, img_dir=None, curr_conv=None)

Visualize alpha-beta measured plane and gamma measured linear feature.

  • plane_normal (numpy.ndarray) – Normal of measured plane.

  • plane_vector (numpy.ndarray) – Vector in the dip direction and dip of plane.

  • drillcore_vector (numpy.ndarray) – Vector in the direction of the drillcore.

  • gamma_vector (numpy.ndarray) –

drillcore_transformations.visualizations.visualize_vector(vector, ax, **kwargs)

Visualize a vector with 3d plot.